I'm certain cron is running - why aren't my Etsy orders showing?

There could be several reasons why orders aren't being created, please check the following:

  • Make sure the products associated with the Etsy orders are actually 'synced' under the Listings Manager. The product has to exist in Magento (and in-stock) for it to be associated with an order.
  • Etsy orders that have already been marked 'as shipped' on Etsy won't be synchronized. This is to prevent old orders from being brought into your system. (There's another option in the configuration to import these).
  • Check if product is still in stock in Magento, by the time the Etsy order arrives
  • Make sure your /var folder has the correct writable permissions. MagetSync would try to write a log file when the order creation process fails. This should give you the exact cause of the error.
  • Even if the cron is running, make sure the Magetsync cron task is successfully running.
  • Make sure the MagetSync Payment method is active.

Any other reason could be logged under your /var/log/ folder or error_log file.

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