MagetSync Configuration Options

MagetSync offers a few options that will enhance your workflow and make things even easier for you.

These are found under MagetSync > Configuration

Catalog Specific Options

Default Magento Store

All MagetSync activities will be associated to the store you choose here. Orders will be assigned to it, inventory amounts, etc.

Auto Sync Product Attributes:

[Default No]

When this is set to Yes, changes you make to a product that is already synced, will be pushed automatically without manual intervention. During this process, products that are set as ‘Out of Sync’ will be re-synchronized.

Re-synchronisation is handled by the Magento cron, so expect a short delay before your product is updated on Etsy

Exclude Product Images:

[Default Yes]

When set to No, any product images that are marked as 'excluded' in the Magento catalogue, will be included for synchronization.

Use Special Price on Etsy Listings

If you want MagetSync to consider special prices for your Etsy listings instead of the standard pricing

Enable Different Pricing for Etsy Listings

This will allow you to individually set different prices for your Etsy listings, instead of your Magento shop prices.

Delete Listings

When executed, this will delete all items under the Listings Manager. Regardless of their status. Useful for starting over.


Sales Orders Options

Enable 'Source' Column in Order Grid:

[Default No]

When set to Yes, a new ‘Source’ column is added with icons representing the store where the order was placed (Magento or Etsy).

Set Prefix for your Etsy Orders:

[Default No]

When set to Yes, a new field is displayed that will allow you to enter a prefix to be used for all Etsy orders generated after this option is enabled.

Import Old Etsy Orders

By default, only open orders are imported by MagetSync. This button allows merchants to import all orders that have been marked 'as completed' on Etsy.

Variations Specific Options

These group of options allow you to specify a global sizing scales for your custom attributes, used in your Magento products - only applicable if you offer products with custom options. Important: If you don't specify sizing scale your variations or custom options won't be created on Etsy.


Disable Open SSL Due to incompatibilities with some un-patched versions of OpenSSL some users might experience issues while authorizing their Etsy shop for the first time. This option provides an alternative solution to these.


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