What's the meaning of an specific status under the Listing Manager?

The following are the statuses used for listings and their meanings:

  • Expired: Listing has expired on Etsy. Etsy listings have a lifespan of four months. Auto renew option can be set within the Edit Listing
  • Failed: When trying to synchronize this product, an error occurred. In this instance, open this product to see log messages and identify exact error. Correct as required and attempt again.
  • In Queue: Product has been added to the Queue from the Manage Products page and no other action has been taken.
  • Mapped: A link has been established between this product and an existing Etsy listing. Items are still not synced.
  • Out of Sync: This status appears when a product in your Magento store has changed after synchronization. It could relate to attribute updates or product quantity. (Product quantities are automatically updated but sometimes a lag could occur). Automatic product updates synchronization can be enabled in MagetSync configuration.
  • Queued: Listing has been added to an auto queue and MagetSync will automatically try to list it
  • Synced: Product has been successfully synchronized with Etsy. Listing should be visible in your Etsy shop.
  • Force Delete: This option will replace a listings status when the linked item on Etsy has been deleted


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