Queuing Products

Before you're able to sync products to Etsy these need to be added into a queue where you will need to fill out additional required attributes.

Adding Products to Queue

Go to Catalog > Manage Products page and start selecting which products you’d like to make available on your Etsy shop. MagetSync currently supports single products, single products with custom options and configurable products, as those are the types of products that can be reproduced on Etsy.  

You have two ways of selecting which products to list on Etsy, individually and in bulk.

Queuing products individually

Open the product you’d like to list and set the new attribute ‘Synchronized with Etsy’ to Yes. This attribute is found under the General tab.

Queuing products in bulk

If you want to select multiple products at once, go to the Manage Products page and select the products you want to list on Etsy. From the Actions dropdown menu select ‘Queue to Etsy’ and click submit and you will be presented with the Update Attribute page, where you will be able to set ‘Synchronized with Etsy’ to Yes.

Important notes about listings
  • Etsy has certain validations and limitations on what they allow as product names. To learn more about these, please read the following help article: https://www.etsy.com/au/help/article/188
  • Tags are used on Etsy to find your items. They’re words or short phrases related to your products. MagetSync generates these tags from the Keywords attribute


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