Listings Manager

All your queued products will appear under MagetSync > Listings Manager. Here you need to fill out some extra details required by Etsy.  This is the last step before synchronizing your products to Etsy.


You can add the remaining required information individually, or in bulk – if multiple products share these same attributes.

Synchronizing Products to Etsy (Individually)

Click on any of the products and you will be presented with the extra attributes to be filled out, under the Listing Editor page. Here you will also select the shop section and shipping profile that will apply to this listing.

Then click on the ‘Sync Now’ button and if you filled out all required details your product should now be on your Etsy Shop.

Synchronizing Products to Etsy (in-bulk)

Sync multiple products at once if they share some common attributes, by selecting them and clicking Update attributes under the Actions dropdown menu.

On the next screen you will need to fill out the required information and then click on Sync Now. This will sync all products at once. This process may take a while, depending on the number of products you are listing, so please be patient. Any errors occur during this process you will receive a message in the Logs section for each product.

Important notes about the listing manager

The following are the statuses used for listing and their meanings:

  • In Queue: Product has been added to the Queue from the Manage Products page and no other action has been taken.
  • Synced: Product has been successfully synchronised with Etsy. Listing should be visible in your Etsy shop.
  • Failed: When trying to synchronise this product, an error occurred. In this instance, open this product to see log messages and identify exact error. Correct as required and attempt again.
  • Out of Sync: This status appears when a product in your Magento store has changed after synchronisation. It could relate to attribute updates or product quantity. (Product quantities are automatically updated but sometimes a lag could occur). Automatic product updates synchronisation can be enabled in MagetSync configuration.
  • Expired: Listing has expired on Etsy. Etsy listings have a lifespan of four months. Auto renew option can be set within the Edit Listing


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