Initial Set-up (First step after installation)

In order to link your Etsy shop with your Magento store you need to complete the following steps.

Go to MagetSync > Configuration

  • Select your Etsy shop default language
  • Shop ID field: Insert your Etsy shop name or shop ID. (This doesn’t contain spaces or punctuation).

      • To find your shop name, on the Etsy website go to: 
        Your Shop > Shop Settings > Info & Appearance > Shop Name

  • Insert your customer token, which was generated when you first registered. This is found under your Merchant-e account
  • Click on ‘Save Config’ and then Authorize
  • Follow the prompts and grant permissions for MagetSync to access your shop (during this step you’ll be taken to the Etsy website). After completed, you should be returned to your Magento store, with the following message: Successfully authorized.
  • From version 2018.02, after authorizing MagetSync to access your shop, click on the 'Populate Categories' button to fetch Etsy's new taxonomy. This process can take up to a few minutes, so please be patient.

After this step we strongly recommend you learn about each configuration option as this will affect the way MagetSync behaves. 

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