Possible Issues during Installation (Reinstalling MagetSync)

Most of the issues and errors that could arise during installation are caused by not having cache enabled before all MagetSync files have been uploaded to the server; or compiler being enabled during installation.  In such situations, reinstalling MagetSync is the best solution.

Reinstalling MagetSync 

This step is only necessary if you encountered any issues or errors when you first tried installing MagetSync.

  • Make sure you upload all the files and folders with the latest version of MagetSync
  • Go to your database and check if any of the MagetSync tables were created in the first attempt. If you see any tables that start with ‘magetsync_’ please delete them. (If you are using a prefix in your DB these should be preceded by your prefix, ‘prefixmagetsync_’)
  • Locate table ‘core_resource’. Under this table there should be an entry for Magetsync. Delete this magetsync entry.

After the MagetSync entry in the core_resource table is deleted, Magento will try to install the module.

If any errors persist make sure all files have been uploaded and that there were no issues during the file transfer.

If you still continue experiencing issues after this, please submit a support request

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