MagetSync Installation Process (Manual and via Magento Connect)

We strongly recommend creating a backup of your site before installing MagetSync (or any new extension), and/or test it thoroughly on a staging area.

Installing via Magento Connect Manager

To install go to your admin area, then System > Magento Connect Manager. Login if necessary. Under Direct Package File upload click on choose file and upload the .tgz file you downloaded from the MagetSync website. Click Upload. The installation will then be handled by Magento.

Image of Direct Package file upload

Manual Installation Process (via FTP/SFTP)

  • Before uploading MagetSync to your server, make sure the Magento Cache is enabled.
  • If Compilation is being used, please disable it temporarily.
  • Unzip the MagetSync .zip archive and drag all its content into your Magento root folder. Respecting the existing structure. (Selecting all folders and dragging and dropping will work just fine, as this will merge the new content with the existing folders on your server).

System > Cache Management. [Select All] and Flush Magento Cache.

  • Visit your Magento admin area and refresh the Magento cache.
  • The module will start installing (this process may take a while so please be patient)
  • Magento requires that you log out from your admin area after installing a new module so please do so. If not, you will see a 404 error when accessing any of the modules pages.
  • Now set it up with your Etsy Shop
  • Enjoy it
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